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30 Day Trial Membership. Click HERE! at Ignite Fitness Naperville IL
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Quick Facts-

Cost- Non-members $378

Challenge Runs from January 9th- March 4

Goal- Drop 2 Jeans Sizes in 8 weeks


Do you work out just to work out?

There’s nothing wrong with that, if you're not interested in specific results.

At Ignite Fitness we like setting goals. Fitness goals need to be personal and specific in order to be measured.

Many of our clients have come to us after working out at big box gyms, trying random fitness programs, and working with other trainers getting little to no results.  

At Ignite Fitness we like to create fitness and fat loss programs that produce results and that our clients can stick to.

Imagine a workout program that is just right. Not too easy, doesn’t absolutely crush you every time you train, that is challenging enough to change your body, but fun and motivating so you'll stick with it.

One of our most popular challenges is the skinny jeans challenge. This program is designed to get you down at least two jean sizes in only eight weeks!

You can lose two pants sizes in only eight weeks without having to starve yourself or living at the gym. You will workout, and workout hard, but only 3-4 times a week.

This isn’t a starve yourself and hate everyone challenge either. Achievable eating, with some easy to manage habits that you can continue beyond the 8 week challenge. You pick the foods you like based off a list, avoid the foods that are processed and learn about the 90% rule. The 90% rule is the key to getting the results you want and not feeling deprived or hungry.

This chellenge isn't just about fitting into pants 2 sizes smaller. Its about changing how you fit into those jeans and how your arms, legs and midsection look.

Here's the rundown:

- It's an 8-week fat loss and fitness program designed to melt at least two pants sizes off of you.

- The workouts take place at Ignite Fitness under the watchful eye of certified fitness experts.

- Every workout is designed to disrupt your metabolism and create afterburn. Afterburn lasts more than 20 hours after your workout is complete and has you continuing to burn calories as you go about your day. Afterburn is the key to this program and the reason its so effective.

- And to help you get the most out of this 8-week program we're going to give you some simple eating habits to follow. You will feel great, reduce the bloat and will fuel your training.  

Social support and accountability are the other secret that’s probably missing from the other things you’ve tried. When you are part of a group its easier to stay focused and motivated.

This 8-week program starts on Monday, September 28th.

The motivation comes from your closet. Go in there and find a pair of jeans that used to be your favorite. Maybe they haven’t been worn in a while maybe you can’t even button them anymore. Then bring them to Ignite Fitness and we will hold them for you. Every few weeks you will try them on again, and by the end of 8 weeks they will fit again (they might even be too big). But they will fit differently, maybe filled out in places they weren’t before.

Best of all, this program is for any fitness level... whether you're just starting out or you've been working out for a long time, this program will work for you because it's customized for your fitness level.


Challenge  January 9th- March 4th

Rock Your Jeans

Non-Members $378.00


Registration Includes

8 Weeks of Unlimited Access to our Essentials Group Classes (recommend 3-5x/week)

Rock Your Jean Journal

Accountability Emails and Texts


Upgrade to A Custom Training Membership for an additional $156



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