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30 Day Ultimate Training Experience- $89

At Ignite Fitness we have a true system for getting you the results you want.

With 19 years of helping people to achieve their goals there isn't a more experienced coach or facility in Naperville.

If you are scared because you have tried other places, coaches and programs you are not alone. Many of our members have come to us having tried "everything" and not gotten the success they wanted. They usually tell stories of training that was intimidating, too hard, too many days per week and came along with food and "diets" that were too strict.

Those might last for short period of a time. Anything is exciting when it’s new. Those types of programs don't last.


"I am a fit female in training,  I am building life long healthy habits that leave me both happy with my life and also with my results." ~ Sallie W


Everything starts with a conversation between you and a coach. To be successful we need to know why fitness is important to you. We need to understand what you've tried in the past, what about it worked- and what didn't. What goals do you have? 

Next is an assessment. Where is your starting line? We use the Functional Movement Screen to assess your current abilities. Based on your current abilities and your personal goals we develop a plan that fits you. No one size fits all. Many of our members have found the personalization is what separates our system from the other programs out there.  

From there you are welcomed into the Ignite Fitness Community. Our gym is made up of a team of people all working to be their best personal version of themselves. A supportive group of people helping to motivate each other, as well as celebrate everyone’s successes.

Step One- You have to Show Up.

Step Two- Don't Quit. Give it 30 days and see how you feel.


"I am in better shape at 43 then I was at 23 for sure! Also, I love the sense of community that you promote throughout the gym. I am definitely stronger and realizing you don't have to kill yourself doing a workout to get great results.  I want to come to the gym everyday" ~ Kim G


We offer exceptionally high level personal training at an affordable price. If you are looking for results and enjoyment from your workout this is the place. Telling you what we do it one thing, showing you how we are the best is another. Try us out- 30 Days for $89.


A 30 Day Ultimate Training Experience Includes:

- An Ignite Strategy Session

- 30 days of individualized program design

- 30 days unlimited custom coaching


"Working out at Ignite is fun. I don't feel like it's a chore or something I HAVE to do. I genuinely look forward to working out and hate to miss a workout. I truly believe you want everyone that walks into Ignite to have great experience, you want them to feel and look better and you go all out to make that happen." ~Kim J


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